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Mashable: Wingsuit flyer glides down

8,000 feet to grab a donut in new commercial

June 13, 2016

US News


AdWeek: Ad of the Day: Insane Flying Woman Gets Takeout From a Cliffside Dunkin' Donuts: Wingsuit BASE jumper Ellen Brennan pulls off a crazy stunt 

June 15, 2016

US News


CNN Great Big Story

What it feels like to fly

Feb 05, 2016

US News


Red Bull: 6 Fastest Women on the Planet

October 07, 2015

US News


Interview with "the fastest woman in the world to fly"

in Yunnan!

November 08, 2015

Wings for Love, China News


VICE: Wingsuit Flying is like the best sex

you’ve had – times a hundred

March 24, 2015

US News


NewsWeek: The Exhilarating Deathwish

of the Proximity Flyer

September 06, 2014

US News


BBC: The girls base jumping off cliffs in the Swiss Alps

June 12, 2014

Europe  News


CNN: Is this the fastest flying woman on earth?

April 03, 2014 

Europe  News


NBC Today: Female daredevil proves herself at "Ultimate Challenge"

October 14, 2013

US News


High-flying wingsuit racers compete for speed

October 13, 2013

US News


ABC: Fastest Flying Woman in the World

November 30, 2013

US News


On a wingsuit and a prayer: The petite blonde with painted nails who started jumping out of air balloons

at 18 and is now the world's fastest flying woman

November 26, 2013

Europe  News


Ellen Brennan Chamonix BASE Jumper &

World's Fastest Flying Woman: BASE Jumping

in Chamonix Mont Blanc with Ellen Brennan

September 09, 2013

Europe  News


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